Gold Charger Plate



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Charger plates are a must have for every wedding. They improve every table set-up and add an extra touch of elegance. The plates come in glass, porcelain or plastic, however we use glass as our preferred material. Our plates measure around 33cm. Bread and butter plates are around 15cm and dinner plates around 25cm. We place our plates on the table and the dinner plate goes on top, once served. You can improve this look with gold or silver cutlery and our Napkin Rings. Choosing a vibrant napkin and linen colour sets out the plates even more. Our plates are a beautiful addition with centerpieces and flowers. Without doubt, the right plate adds elegance and a touch of luxury to your tables. Not having the plates looks more plain and simple. We offer our plates for a very affordable price and we have packages combined with centerpieces, flowers and more. If this interests you, then please feel free to contact us. Moreover we can assist with styling and the choice of flowers, colors etc. Nowadays, the plates are delicately manufactured in China. We would love to create an amazing table set-up for you with our extensive knowledge in styling. Make your wedding delightful with our services and book in your consultation. The word charger plate originated around 1275–1325 from the middle English word ‘chargeour’, to describe a large platter. If you are keen to find out more about the history behind charger plates, then we can recommend this article