A chocolate fountain is a beautiful addition to any event. Hiring a chocolate fountain does not only offer a great taste experience,
but good entertainment for any party.
Marshmallows are the standard combination with chocolate.
However, there are no limits to fancy it up with fruits, cookie dough or a beautiful candy bar. Moreover, a dessert buffet offer’s you the maximum in choice and looks just beautiful.
There is a variety of chocolate on the market, thus it is important to choose great tasting chocolate from brands like cadbury or typical Belgian chocolate.

If you are the super entertainer, you can have two or even three chocolate fountains with different chocolate types. My favorite chocolate is white chocolate.A chocolate fountain is never out of fashion and puts a smile on everyone’s face, young or old. When you hire your chocolate fountain, you surely want to impress your audience, therefore you cannot go wrong with our impressive five tier, 100cm high fountain. Instead of displaying the fountain on a normal table, you can utilize our White Table, adding that extra spark to the set-up.
Finally, to ensure a great flow of chocolate, it is important to keep the chocolate at the right temperature and to level the machine. If a breeze hit’s the fountain, it might disrupt the flow.

In addition, the machine has to be leveled correctly. If running for a long time, it is good to turn the fountain off for a short time. Be careful though, that the chocolate does not cool down. Ideally, an operator ensures the functionality of the fountain, while you enjoy your event.
Contact us today to ensure your guest’s can indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience. If you want to go all out, add some of our stunning decorations, like our Gold Vase .

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