Are you about to plan your big day and struggling with the numbers? Then we would love to create a stunning and affordable wedding for you. You might come across amazing images on Instagram and Facebook, massive chandeliers and a garden of flowers. But when you look closer the costs are exponential. Nonetheless, as a consumer of the 21st century, you are benefiting from competition and price bargains.

To create a wedding which everyone remembers for its beauty and atmosphere, you need the right decorations, great entertainment, location and delicious food. We can certainly help you with very affordable candelabras, centerpieces, silk flowers, charger plates and much more. Furthermore, we have unbeatable packages where you receive many items for a small cost. If you prefer to enjoy the lead up to the wedding, rather than stressing, we have a dedicated team to manage all steps for you.

When looking at weddings now a days, there is a perception of how grant and impressive they should be. In some culture’s people spend endless money just to compete with friends, family and social media attention. It all begins with the engagement diamond and the dress, certain people in the industry have to be used for their publicity and price tag. However, you don’t need to go all this far and expensive. There are multiple small businesses who sell stunning dresses, make beautiful flowers or sell decent yet grant diamond rings. Looking at the essence of a wedding, the most important thing should be the couple tying their life’s together forever.

An announcement of love, trust and faith. There is no turning back, you want to be with that person forever and lose your freedom in a sense. When you are married, life changes. It is not about how grant your wedding day is but what you make of it for the rest of your life. Flowers and a dress worth 20K won’t support you and your husband through a fight or struggles when children come along. Can you sustain a life together with one person, can you be loyal and only be with that one person? There are so many questions and factors you should consider before giving your better half the eternal ‘Yes’.

Now saying all of the above, clearly a wedding is still a great day to celebrate and naturally most couples want to enjoy it beautifully with friends and family. Thus, affordable decorations, entertainment etc. are a bonus. If you want a consultation and visit our showroom, please contact us any time. We would love to create your affordable, unforgettable wedding!

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