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Artificial Flower Hire

Are you after artificial flower hire? Then you come to the right address, as we stock large quantities of artificial flowers.

Style your event with real looking artificial flowers for hire. Real flowers can be expensive, therefore you can hire our stunning artificial flowers, like our  White Flower Ball.We have 25 of the white flower balls in stock, which look just like real flowers.

Our Cherry Blossoms  are long and full, hence creating a warm atmosphere. You can check out our Instagram profile for more ideas here here.

Moreover, our white flower ball offers endless opportunities when it comes to styling. Ultimately, you can add real flowers in between and enhance your wedding theme with beautiful colors.

Without doubt, artificial flower hire makes a big difference for pricing. You can certainly achieve an amazing look with fake flowers and minimize your costs.

In addition, all these beautiful flowers will not be wasted after the wedding. Many couples leave their expensive real flowers behind after the wedding.

We would love to meet at your venue and show how our flowers can enhance the space. We can also organize real flowers for you to add in between for a small fee.

Furthermore, we have different options for vases. We have a stunning 100 cm high gold vase, classic glass vases and a crystal centerpiece.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more images or information and hire your artificial flowers today.